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Streams in the Desert
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God's Best Secrets by Andrew Murray
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Faith's check book
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Morning by Morning
» 司布真每日靈修(夜)
Evening by Evening
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慕安德烈每日靈修 God's Best Secrets by Andrew Murray

經文: 「我要從父那裡差保惠師來,就是從父出來真理的聖靈;祂來了,就要為我作見證。」(約翰福音十五:26)「上帝所賜、出人意外的平安必在基督耶穌裡保守你們的心懷意念。」(腓立比書四:7)

        我們無法憑己力來抗拒罪惡的權勢,也無法憑藉天然人的意志來勝過老我及向自己死。得勝之道非常簡單,不但人人能做而且垂手可得,況且在每一件事上都能來操練這課題時,老練之後必能得心應手且應付自如。 你要知道這簡單淺顯易學實用的真理是什麼嗎?那就是向上帝絕對的謙卑、完全的順服,學習祂的柔順忍耐,這也就是走十字架窄路,向自己死的惟一途徑。
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Scripture: "But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:"--John 15:26 "And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."--Philippians 4:7

        "Until this birth of the Spirit of Divine Love is found in you, you cannot know what Divine Love is in itself. For Divine Love is perfect Peace and Joy, it is a Freedom from all disquiet, it is all Content and mere Happiness, and makes everything to rejoice in itself. Love is the Christ of God; wherever it comes, it comes as the Blessing and Happiness of every natural life, as the Restorer of every lost perfection, a Fulfiller of all righteousness, and a Peace of God which passes all understanding.

        "When the intelligent creature turns from God to self, he finds nature only as it is in himself and without God. Nothing is to be had from it, or found in it, but the working of every kind of evil. Covetousness, envy, pride and wrath are the four elements of self, or nature, all of them inseparable from it. Were we truly affected with things as they are our real Good, or real Evil, we should be much more afraid of having the serpents of Covetousness, Envy, Pride and Wrath, well nourished and kept alive in us, than of being shut up in a Pest-house, or cast into a Dun¬geon of venomous beasts. This monster of self can hide him¬self under all forms of goodness, can watch and fast, pray much and preach long, and yet often gets more life and strength, and more immovable abode in these forms of virtue than he has in publicans and sinners.

        "To die to self, or to come from under its power, cannot be done by any act of resistance we can make to it by the powers of nature. The one only way of dying to self is most simple and plain; it is equally practicable by everybody; it is always at hand; it meets you in everything, and is never without success.

        "If you ask what is this one true simple, plain, immediate and unerring way, it is the way of Patience, Meekness, Humility and Resignation to God. This is the truth and perfection of dying to self."

        There is not a more difficult lesson in the Christian life than to attain a true knowledge of what self is. Its terrible power, its secret and universal rule, and the blinding influence it exerts in keeping us from the .knowledge of what it is, are the cause of all our sin and evil. Hence it comes that so few really believe in their absolute impotence to obey God or to believe in His love. And there is nothing that can deliver us from it but that entire willingness to die to self, which comes zvhen by faith we understand that we died in Christ Jesus. It is that alone that can make us partakers, through faith and the Holy Spirit, of that meekness1 and gentleness and humility and surrender to God which gave Christ's death its worth and its beauty in the sight of the Father.
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