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Streams in the Desert
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God's Best Secrets by Andrew Murray
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Morning by Morning
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Evening by Evening
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慕安德烈每日靈修 God's Best Secrets by Andrew Murray

經文: 「豈不知你們的身子就是聖靈的殿嗎?這聖靈是從上帝而來,住在你們裡頭的。」(哥林多前書六:19)

        人除非被逼到一個地步,知道在人裡面毫無良善可言,而且毫無行善的能力,才會悔改轉向上帝並離棄罪惡。只有在自己走投無路時,對自己完全絕望時,人才會想到倚靠上帝,也就會因著真心尋求上帝,信心與希望才會產生。是的,人若不棄絕自己到一個地步,對自己完全絕望,就無法擁有新生命所帶來的信心與希望。 一個人無論他如何差勁,必須覺得上帝的愛摸得到他,他才能得救。上帝創造人,就是為祂自己設立一個居所,讓祂的聖靈能有駐留的地方。面對那些作惡多端,或是自暴自棄的人,愛是惟一的妙方;藉著重重愛網,網住他的心,讓他不得不感受到上帝的愛是何等偉大,叫人難以抗拒。
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Scripture: "What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?"--1 Corinthians 6:19

        "When the truth touches a man's heart, he feels that he can not overcome the hardness of his heart and his pride by the force of his reason. Nature becomes a torment and a burden to itself before it can willingly give up to that death through which alone it can pass into life. There is no true and real conversion from the life of sin and death, till a man comes to know and feel that nothing less than his whole nature is to be parted with, and yet finds in himself no possibility of doing it. This is the despair by which we lose all our own life, to find a new one in God. For here it is that faith and hope, and true seek¬ing to God and Christ are born. But till all is despair in ourselves, faith and hope and turning to God in prayer are only things practised by rule and method; they are not born in us, are not living qualities of a new birth, till we have done feeling any trust or confidence in ourselves.

        "A man must feel that he is still within the reach of Divine Love; God created him for Himself to be a habitation of His own life and Holy Spirit. In dealing with such souls, love must be our bait; it will put its hook into the heart, and force men to know, that of all strong things nothing is so strong, so irresistible, as Divine Love.

        "Ask what God is; His Name is Love; He is the Good, the Perfection of Peace, the Joy, the Glory and the Blessing of every life. Ask what Christ is. He is the universal Remedy of all evil broken forth ia nature and creatures. He is the unwearied Compassion, the long-suffering Pity, the never-ceasing Mercifulness of God to every want and infirmity of human nature.

        "Let us surround and encompass men with these frames of love until they become a willing victim to their power. All religion is the Spirit of Love, all its gifts and graces are love; it has no breath, no life, but the life of love. Love is heaven revealed in the soul; it is light and truth, it is infallible. Love is the Christ of God; it is the resurrection and life of every Divine virtue, a fruitful mother of true humility, boundless benevolence, unwearied patience, and bowels of compassion."

        Let us seek above everything to believe that God is love, and as such, longs intensely to fill every heart with its blessedness. As the sun shines upon the earth with the one great object of shedding on it its light and its life, do let us believe that the great God of love is shining upon us every moment of the day. If we will but give Him time and patient waiting, that love will enter our hearts with all its gifts and graces and its unspeakable blessedness. That will make us willing to part utterly with self, and to yield ourselves a continual sacrifice to the God who loves us.
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