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Scriptures:Read 1 Chronicles 14&15
Key Verse:"...You are the heads of the fathers' houses of the Levites; sanctify yourselves, ... that you may bring up the ark of the Lord God of Israel to the place I have prepared for it."(1 Chronicles 15:12)

        God had established David upon the throne of Israel. This was evidenced by the acceptance he received from Hiram, king of Tyre, with whom David made an alliance. Hiram provided him with the materials for building his palace, as he would later provide for Solomon. David was further established personally in Jerusalem by obtaining more wives and children. But his polygamy was against the will of God (Deuteronomy 17:17), causing many domestic problems as well as calamities (e.g. 2 Samuel 13:1,28).

        David's ascension to the throne was also not without international problems. When he was merely ruling in Hebron, the Philistines did not consider him a threat; but now, with the unified forces of all Israel, he could not be ignored. Although David had a great army, he did not rely on his own strength but on the Lord. He did the right thing to enquire of the Lord before going into battle. With faith and confidence in God, David overpowered the Philistines in the first battle. They had superstitiously brought their idols with them into the battle (probably like a good-luck charm), but dropped them in their haste to retreat. In accordance with the law of Moses (Deuteronomy 7:5, 25), David did well in burning them (14:12; 2 Samuel 5:21).

        It is amazing to see that God gave David a strategy before going into the second battle. God could easily have wiped out the Philistines on His own, but He wanted David and his army to participate in the plan and taste the victory; this would result in Israel earning the respect of other nations while humbly recognizing that victory could not have been achieved without the help of God. According to His plan, they miraculously heard the sound of God's army marching out before them from above the bushes, behind which the Philistines were waiting in ambush. This time, Israel's victory was decisive and the nation was finally freed from Philistine oppression. The Lord made David's name great, and he was feared among the nations (14:17).

        The chronicler was mindful to teach his readers the importance of obeying the law of Moses. In chapter 13, we read of the tragedy that occurred because they did not respect the sacredness of the Ark and disobeyed the instructions of Moses concerning it. In chapter 15, we see the great joy that resulted when the Ark was respectfully and properly brought into Jerusalem. In such a way, God was honoured.

        With the news of the tremendous blessings of God upon the home of Obed-Edom for the three months the Ark resided there, David's fears were gone. Before he again attempted to bring the Ark to Jerusalem, he must have been very careful to study the Word of God as recorded by Moses in order to discover the regulations concerning it. Since the Ark symbolized God's presence, they honoured God by treating it respectfully.

        David organized a beautiful and well ordered procession, led by those priests and Levites who had been sanctified through ceremonial purification (15:12). Priests from the family of Kohath bore the ark upon their shoulders, and the chief priests, Zadok and Abiathar, offered sacrifices in worship to God. King David took off his royal garments and wore a simple ephod like the Levites; all men are equal before the Lord, and on this occasion only the Lord was to be honoured. David joyfully danced and joined in with the singers and musicians to bring the Ark to the tent he had set up in Jerusalem to house it. Sadly, Michal, his wife and the daughter of Saul, did not share in the joy but was ashamed at what she regarded as David's unkingly behaviour (15:29; cf. 2 Samuel 6:14-16, 20-23).


        Lord, as the presence of the "Ark of the Covenant" brought great blessing to the home of the Obed-Edom family, we humbly ask that the presence of our Lord Jesus, the fulfillment of all the symbolism of the Ark, may be the source of all Your blessings upon our home as He dwells in us.

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