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Scriptures:Read Psalms 63, 64&65
Key Verse:"Blessed is the man whom You choose, and cause to approach You...".(Psalm 65:4)

        Psalm 63 is yet another psalm that was likley occasioned by David's escape from Absalom. It beautifully illustrates David's love for God and his close relationship with Him. David put prayer and praise as his top priority. He continually longed to be in God's presence, enjoy fellowship with Him, and see the manifestations of His power and glory from within the Holy Place; this was what motivated him to wake up early in the morning. He felt as though he desperately needed the Lord to quench his thirst and fill him, that he might have strength and satisfaction (cf. John 4:14; 6:35); and if he did not have this daily fellowship with God, he felt like a dried up desert (63:1). He needed communion with God as often as he needed water, and therefore seven times a day he lifted up his soul in praise to the Lord (119:164). If any believer wants to keep in close fellowship with God, they too must resolve to put time with the Lord at the top of their priority list.

        David declares that God's lovingkindness (steadfast love and mercy) is more precious to him than his own life, yet while living he would live to praise the Lord. His sentiments are similar to those of the Apostle Paul: "For to me, to live is Christ..." (Philippians 1:21). The grace of God working in the lives of His children gives us the most important kind of sustenance: satisfaction to our souls and joy in our hearts (63:5). Therefore, like David, let us resolve to closely follow God (63:8).

        Psalm 64 is a familiar plea of David for divine help and protection. There is no indication that David is in danger of physical harm, but he complains about the activities of his enemies who are working underhandedly with "bitter words" to maliciously slander his reputation and undermine his ability to rule the nation, so he might lose the support of the people (642-3). Therefore, the occasion for this psalm was likely the beginning of Absalom's insurrection, when the rebels schemed secretly rather than openly, opposing king David. David's intuition told him that soon they would suddenly shoot at him without fear (64:4), and yet, speaking with prophetic authority, he expresses his confidence that God would retaliate on his behalf with divine arrows of His wrath. When the people, who may have been indifferent to God, would finally see His great deeds in throwing down those wicked men who were once in high places, then they will rethink their position before God, come to fear Him, and become witnesses for Him. The sorrow that the righteous once had, because of the wicked people's oppression, will turn into gladness of heart, because they glorified God and trusted in Him.

        Psalm 65 is a refreshing poetical song of praise to God for His goodness and bountiful blessings upon the whole earth. It was likely occasioned by an abundant harvest season, which the psalmist recognizes as a direct blessing from God. David had made a vow to daily praise the Lord, no matter what the circumstances, and as he went to the tabernacle which he had constructed to house the Ark upon Mount Zion, he proclaimed that his praises to God were awaiting expression. David knew that his God is a God who hears all the words uttered from the mouths of his children (65 :l-2). How wonderful it is to know that our prayers are indeed heard by the One before whom all flesh will one day kneel (65:2) and "confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father" (Philippians 2:10-11). He is the One through whom God has provided atonement for our transgressions (65:3), and though David did not have the fuller revelation of God concerning the Messiah, he did know that the salvation of the soul comes from God and that He would indeed make provision to atone for man's sins.

        The one cleansed from the stain of sin is truly blessed and is chosen by God to approach Him like a priest (1 Peter 2:9), —have fellowship with Him, and thus receive full spiritual satisfaction (65:4; cf. Numbers 16:5). As the psalmist dwells upon the goodness and blessings of God for him personally, his mind turns to consider the goodness of God to all the earth, over which He is sovereign, and as such He is the Saviour for not only Israel but all people of the world. He who can still the waves can just as easily still people's confusion and violence (65:7). Our Lord Jesus did just that when he walked upon the earth doing the will of God (Matthew 8:26).

        Because of God's grace, God gives good gifts to all His creation, such as the rain, grain, and even fertile land (cf. Matthew 5:45; Psalm 104:14, 28). There is no "mother nature"; there is an all-powerful God who is in control of nature. He is the One who gives a plentiful harvest, and so it is He whom we all should thank. As the psalmist proclaims: "You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance" (65:11). God's goodness causes nature, as well as man, to rejoice.


        Dear Father, we long to be continually in Your presence, as did David. Thank You for choosing us to have fellowship with You through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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